After tooth extraction, the bone in the area undergoes degeneration. This analysis takes place gradually, and the more time passes since tooth extraction, the more analysis and the amount of remaining bone in the area decreases.

As a dental specialist at a dental implant center in Vancouver says, when the bone loss is such that the implant cannot be placed in the right position, bone reconstruction is needed. This bone regeneration can be done during the implant placement and at the same time during one session, or the bone regeneration can be done first, and the implant placed 4 to 9 months later. The decision is made depending on the bone’s condition and the dentist’s discretion.

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Are Implants Like Natural Teeth?

Implants are the best treatment currently available to replace missing teeth. However, we must not forget that unlike the natural tooth, considered a living part of the body, implants are artificial and can never replace the natural tooth that the creator of the world has given us.

Care after a dental implant requires much more attention than natural teeth because the implant lacks the power of natural defense against infections and other harmful factors. Also, the implant has less sensory power than the natural tooth.

Therefore, we advise you to take care of your natural teeth and visit the dentist regularly to check the condition of your mouth and teeth.

Is It Possible that the Implant Does Not Fuse with the Bone or, In Other Words, Does Not Take?

Today, with many advances in the technology of making implants, they can be used with high confidence. However, there is still a small chance that this treatment will fail and the implant will not fuse with the surrounding bone. This percentage varies depending on the condition of the jawbone, the location of the implant, whether the person smokes or not, and other factors. Still, even in these cases, the probability of implant success is above 90%.

What Are the Components of an Implant?

In general, the implant consists of two parts: the main part (body), which is placed inside the bone and is not visible, and the upper part (cover), which looks like a real tooth and is visible.

During the first sessions, the body is placed inside the bone, which is usually performed during a short surgery under local anesthesia. After this stage, the surrounding bone is given time for the so-called implant body to fuse, which may take between 2 and 6 months.

When the dentist is sure of the fusion of the implant, the next stage of treatment, which includes molding and placing the cover on the implant, is performed.

dental implant center in Vancouver

Does the Implant Also Suffer from Disease?

Yes, if the hygiene, including toothbrush, dental floss, and mouthwash, is neglected in a proper way and for a sufficient period, the implants will also suffer from disease, and there is a possibility of their loosening and removal. Therefore, take your dentist’s advice seriously after placing the implant and visit him at least every 6 months to check the condition of your teeth and implant.

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