Taking into account that tooth extraction causes damage to the gum tissue, for this reason, the occurrence of gum and facial inflammation is not far from expected. By the way, if there is no inflammation in the gum tissue, you should doubt the level of your body’s immunity.

As a professional dentist at a modern emergency dental clinic in Toronto explains, the effect of tooth extraction on the face is sometimes so great that it causes facial disfigurement. So that one side of the face is swollen and the patient is stressed. But if the patient knows that the cause of gum swelling after tooth extraction is a normal thing, he will not have any worries. Of course, keep in mind that this swelling and inflammation should disappear within a few days; Otherwise, it is classified as an emergency, and you must visit a dentist for further examination.

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What Is the Cause of Facial Swelling After Tooth Extraction?

Regarding why the face swells after tooth extraction, it should be said that the accumulation of blood cells in the damaged tissue is the cause of this issue. With tooth extraction, the gum tissue is opened and damaged. In such cases, to repair and deal with this problem, the body itself dilates the vessels so that the inflammatory agents flow to that area.

This is considered a completely natural mechanism in the body. But sometimes, the cause of facial swelling is an infection, which is considered an emergency. This infection is caused by the patient’s neglect of health issues and causes more inflammation in that area.

Methods to Reduce Swelling and Inflammation of the Gums and Face After Tooth Extraction

Treatment of gingivitis after tooth extraction can be done with the help of one or a combination of the following methods:

Use of anti-inflammatory drugs

Some of the medicines that the dentist prescribes for you are to reduce and treat gingivitis after tooth extraction. You must take these medicines at the designated times so that there is no need for an emergency visit, and the inflammation and swelling will go away within a few days. Otherwise, the intensity and duration of this swelling may be higher.

Cold therapy

Cold therapy is one of the methods that can cause the narrowing of blood vessels and, as a result, decrease the leakage of fluids out of the vessel. To prevent emergencies and swelling of the gums and face, it is recommended to place an ice pack on the affected area. It is better to do this for 20 minutes and then rest.

emergency dental clinic in Toronto

Band pressure

If swelling has occurred in your gums and face, it is better to get help from a bandage to reduce it and to close the band in the desired place tightly. You should do this with an adhesive or using a band-aid to make sure it is tight.

Hot water compress

One of the points that must be paid attention to is that you should not use this method in the first day or two. This method is effective when the patient has not taken steps to reduce the swelling after tooth extraction, and the swelling reaches its maximum value and causes an emergency visit to the dentist.

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