What are the pros of a lap band

A lap band is a kind of weight loss surgery that entails the substitution of a rubber band on the uppermost section of the patient’s stomach. This makes a tiny pouch at the upper section of the tummy and a bigger leftover piece at the bottom.

The goal is to reduce the food consumption as the patient feels satiated quickly, and it causes major weight reduction. Check out how successful is lap band surgery.

This procedure is for those who have a body mass index of more than 35 and have tried traditional methods to reduce weight but failed. A majority of bariatric patients prefer lap band surgery Arizona as it has many pros. Keep reading to know about the pros of lap band surgery.

Benefits of lap band surgery

1.      It is a minimally invasive procedure

Unlike other weight loss surgeries that require large incisions like gastric bypass, lap-band is a minimally invasive procedure. Rather than creating large incisions, the bariatric surgeon puts a rubber band on the upper section of the stomach laparoscopically. Once inside the stomach, the rubber band is filled with air, and this splits the stomach into two pieces.

2.      The patients do not experience dumping syndrome

Dumping syndrome is a state in which the new tiny stomach can’t handle food in a similar quantity as before. Any small quantity of food the patient intakes makes them feel nauseous and might lead to vomiting. It is very common in bariatric patients. This condition is caused by the wound made after the incision while taking out the bigger section of the stomach. You will not experience a dumping syndrome as there are no incisions required.

3.      It is an effective weight loss surgery

Even if the weight loss percentage from this surgery can’t match other procedures, it is still an effective way to reduce weight. The weight loss percentage from lap band surgery Arizona is way over what you can reduce with other weight loss practices such as diet and workout.

4.      The patients can return home the same day

This procedure takes very little time than other types of weight loss surgery. The surgeon just places the lap band, and that’s all, meaning that the patients do not need to stay for many days and nights in the hospital.

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