Diabetes is one of the most common lifestyle diseases and is a common ailment in that people are suffering today in Texas. According to the American Health rankings, 13% of the Texan population has diabetes. You have diabetes, if your blood glucose is high and your blood glucose gets high when your body produces less insulin. Insulin is a hormone which is provided by the pancreas that guides the glucose (that you get from the food you eat) to reach your cells which are later used as energy. Hence, the lack of insulin leads to high glucose level, and thus you have diabetes. A simple blood test on diabetes will show you whether you have it or not. Diabetes leads to various problems like obesity, heart disease, stroke, and many more.

People having type 2 diabetes have more risk of getting obese as obesity is closely associated with type 2 diabetes. It has been observed that the Weight-loss surgery done on diabetic patients have helped them in many ways in fighting with other ailments associated with diabetes. Hence, people opt for Weight-loss surgery in West Texas as it has proven to improve health in many ways.

Weight-Loss Surgery leads to getting diabetes under control.

Due to these Weight-loss surgeries, a considerable amount of weight is lost, which leads to diabetes getting under control. Post these surgeries, and there is a considerable amount of improvement in the metabolism and hormones of the person, which also helps in controlling diabetes.

Low risk of heart diseases

The diabetic patient after the weight-loss surgery has low dependence on medicines also had an impact on the medication they take for the heart disease. As the lifestyle gets improved considerably after the surgery, i.e. opting for healthy living, it directly impacts the health. Hence, the heart doesn’t need any artificial stimulus to pump the blood into the body.

Reduces the risk of death

Weight-loss surgery on a diabetic person has reduced the risk of death by 40%. This percentage has been concluded on the basis of eight years of observation on the people with Type 2 diabetes and obesity and who had undergone the weight-loss surgery. 

People with diabetes who are considering the weight-loss surgery should consult your doctor before making the final decision in this matter. The experts doing the weight-loss surgery at westtexasbariatric.com will guide and help you in every way in order to make the surgery a successful one as well as guide you through the post-surgery important care.

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