You can choose and experience dental implants to restore your smile and replace lost or missed teeth. This dental treatment is the most effective, popular, and suitable replacement. However, you may not be a good candidate for implants due to some medical conditions. It means some medical conditions make people unsuitable for implants. Consider some notes and recommendations before starting the implant procedure. Are you eligible for this dental treatment that replaces your lost and missing tooth? The answer to this question, as stated by a trusted dentist performing best dental implants in Vancouver, depends on different things, and the most important thing to consider is your health and medical condition. Keep in mind how your situation is vital to perform this dental treatment. For example, people with diabetes can experience the implant procedure, but their healing time and recovery will be slower than healthy people. There are different medical conditions to consider before deciding on implants. 

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People with Diabetes Can Experience Dental Implants

One of the most common medical conditions among people of different societies is diabetes. This medical condition affects the body’s capability to accept sugar. 

As we said before, people with diabetes may get rid of dental implant issues and complications a little slower. Another point to consider is the success rate of implant procedures. 

As we said, diabetes cannot prevent you from experiencing implants but may adversely affect your implant process result and success rate. You must follow proper dental care after implants and manage your diabetes.

 It is possible to experience implant surgery with diabetes. You only need to trust your cosmetic dentist, who will also negotiate with your overall doctor. 

The combination of their ideas can be helpful for you to have brighter, whiter, and aligner teeth, just like your natural ones. They also can provide total healthcare whenever you need it the most.

People with Osteoporosis Cannot Experience Dental Implants

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Since this particular medical condition cause your bones to become weaker and softer, you may not be a good and ideal candidate for implants. Unfortunately, people with this unique illness are in danger of implant failure line. 

The failure probability of implants for these people with osteoporosis is too high. Implants need a healthy jawbone to locate, so your jawbone must be as healthy as possible. 

A weak jawbone cannot support implants for a long time. Before deciding to perform implants, you can discuss with your cosmetic dentist and share your medical condition. 

This dentist will examine your jawbone strength and inform you of the result. They evaluate your jawbone power and decide if you are a good candidate for implant surgery.

 Some dentists recommend bone grafting before implant surgery. Sometimes this treatment is essential, while you may not need it other times. 

Besides these 2 different medical conditions, various medical situations affect the success rate of implants. Another effective disease is cardiovascular which has adverse effects on implants. 

Some medical conditions cause harmful factors for implants. So, get sure about your health condition, then determine your implants.

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