The coronavirus pandemic that started last year is still this year’s number one enemy as it increased transmission and has developed new strains that still cause deaths worldwide. Thus, stricter protocols are heavily regulated in the travel industry, as it has the highest chance of creating viral transmission from one country to another. Travelers are asked to undergo fit-to-fly COVID tests and quarantines, as well as presentation of COVID fit to flycertificates before scheduled travel dates to ensure safety.

To help travelers who are worried about their visas, the UK government proposed visa extensions for foreign nationals and visitors who cannot travel, given the current hurdles brought about by the coronavirus.

Getting a Visa during COVID 19

Foreign nationals in the UK who are within 1-2 months of stay in the country but cannot travel due to strict health protocols can have their visas extended for three more months by applying for the extension on the third month of stay.

If a traveler overstayed during this pandemic, they are encouraged to check the COVID-19 visa guidelines on GOV.UK. It is suggested the overstayers connect with their country’s embassy in the UK should they have concerned about overstaying due to the pandemic. Most of the time, an overstaying visitor will be asked to present valid evidence for overstaying such as PCR tests, proof that he/she is in quarantine, or anything related to the pandemic. These reasons can also be a reason for overstayers to buy some time and process their visas.

As everything is still uncertain in this pandemic season, people are highly advised to be continually informed regarding travel schedules, regulations, and changes that might pose themselves in the travel industry.

Check out this infographic to learn more about Visa Extension During Covid 19 Outbreak.

Visa Extension during COVID-19 Outbreak UK Harleymedic Infographic

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