The endocannabinoid receptors are not just lined in our brain. In fact, they are located throughout our body, meaning they are located in our guts too. 

The endocannabinoid in our guts tends to increase when we fast, resulting in feeling hungrier. Once we eat the food, the endocannabinoid returns to its actual levels. But this doesn’t work the same for everyone. The disrupted system can result in appetite loss. 

But thankfully, cannabis is here at our aid. Here are top Indica-dominant strains for improving appetite. 

1- Blue Dream: This perfect hybrid strain offers a perfect balance between appetite and functionality. The Indica effects of this strain provide a strong feeling of hunger and prevent the couch-lock that many Indica-dominant strains are known for. If you want to be productive after you eat, then Blue Dream is your go-to. 

2- Blackberry Kush: This Indica-dominant strain is yet another strain used for treating the stomach. Many people have reported a strong appetite boost after consuming Blackberry Kush along with psychoactive reactions. Blackberry Kush also suits best for those wanting to relax. 

3- Girl Scout cookies: Girl Scout Cookies are popular for the euphoric state that they induce. Besides, they also make people hungry. You will end up eating anything from a salad to a sandwich or anything that you normally eat. It encourages your body to consume cannabis. 

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So, now that you know some of the effective cannabis strains to improve the appetite, it is time that you connect with Homegrown Cannabis Co. to purchase the same.

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