If your stomach is your critical area, you are not alone. The stomach is a part of the body where fat tissue accumulates easily and it is very hard to remove it. Some exercise and diet changes can help, but you need to be very persistent. When nothing works, there are specialized procedures that can significantly change the look of your abdomen.

What lies underneath the stomach fat accumulation?

Did you know that your abdomen fat tissue is closely related to the stress hormone cortisol? The situation is like this, the higher the stress hormone, the bigger the possibility that you have excess stomach fat. This discovery has resolved some of the doubts when it comes to stubborn stomach fat. So, besides an unhealthy diet and inactivity, this explains how stress can affect fat metabolism.

Stress is highly related to stomach fat

All of these three factors are related. If you are quite good at one of these life segments, you can consider looking for professional help for those where you feel that you are doing something wrong or not enough. The cortisol hormone is closely related to the growth hormone. So, when the growth hormone is high, the cortisol will be low.

You can stimulate growth hormone with a specific exercise, so finding a good trainer can be your solution to get in the right shape and lower your cortisol. If nutrition is a problem, try to find a good nutritionist who will advise you on healthy food choices and food preparation. You can learn a lot, which can bring you a better lifestyle in the long run.

Effective and fast solutions

Some people will like to reduce their fat tissue, but they just don’t have time to exercise that much. In these situations, effective tummy tuck surgery in Melbourne according to Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne is a great choice.

Your stomach can look like this

The surgeon will make a cut in your lower part of the stomach and remove excess fat and skin, and if your muscles need an intervention, the surgeon will tight them, making your stomach flatter. Women who are unsatisfied with their stomach after pregnancy and people with a slightly higher amount of fat tissue are the best candidates for this procedure.

The surgeon will most probably use the liposuction technique to remove your excess fat tissue, as the liposuction Templestowe by Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne is considered as one of the best techniques for fat reduction.

The recovery period can vary depending on the case, but it is approximately two weeks to two months. You will have to wear a compression garment, and avoid some activities and lifting heavy objects. For returning back to work, you will consult with your doctor, but you can count that it could be after a week or two.

Final word

Try your best to create a healthy lifestyle, as it will affect your whole body and internal organs. For critical areas, you can always rely on professional help and cosmetic procedures.

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