Arthritis is an inflammatory disease of the joint, whereas osteoarthritis is a “mechanical” attack. The distinctions relate mainly to

The Causes.

  • Arthritis has infectious causes (septic arthritis), immune (rheumatoid arthritis), metabolic (drop).
  • Arthritis has predisposing factors such as anatomical abnormalities (knee, hip), overweight (obesity, overweight), or trauma (sports, etc.).


  • It is inflammatory in arthritis, nocturnal, not calmed by rest at the end of the night.
  • It is mechanical in osteoarthritis, triggered by loading or mobilization of the joint and calmed by rest.

Local Signs

  • In arthritis, the deformity of the joint is “hot” because it is accompanied by inflammatory signs (redness, heat).
  • In osteoarthritis, the deformity of the joint is “cold” and is not accompanied by any local signs of inflammation.

Biological Signs

  • The rate of red cell sedimentation is accelerated in arthritis.
  • It is customary in osteoarthritis.

The Treatment

In arthritis, it is that of the cause: antibiotics in infections, biotherapies in immune disorders, management of biological abnormalities in metabolic disorders.

In osteoarthritis, it is the risk factor (dietetics of obesity or preventive surgery in anatomical abnormalities), but constituted osteoarthritis requires analgesics, anti-inflammatory drugs, and symptomatic anti-arthritis drugs. Slow acting has its place alongside non-drug measures.

Osteoarthritis of the knee and sport: a winning duo against pain! The practice of sporting activity, despite painful joints, is strongly recommended for patients with osteoarthritis. Did you know? By strengthening the surrounding muscles through daily exercises, your joint will be better protected. In addition, practicing a sports activity helps fight against overweight, which amplifies knee osteoarthritis pain.

On the other hand, regular physical activity will also help prevent ankylosis of your joint: in the long term, and a too sedentary life may indeed lead to more or less pronounced and annoying knee joint stiffness. However, everything is a question of balance because too intense a sporting effort can further damage the joint already weakened by osteoarthritis like osteoarthritis of the hip (เจ็บ ข้อ ต่อ สะโพก which is the term in Thai).

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