Are you thinking of a popular cannabis strain that can give you excellent effect with a quick flowering time? The enthusiasts hold your breath, let’s unfold you to the strain that boosts your mood, provides stimulation to your body and relaxes your body.  We are talking about Girl Scout Cookies Feminized seeds.  Let’s have a quick overview of the same.

A glance over Girl Scout Cookie strain

  • It is a strain that is formed by cross-breeding OG Kush and Durban Poison.
  • The name suggests that the strain tastes sweet and reminds the consumer of cookies.
  • The strain is used for recreational and medical activities.
  • The weed is an anti-depressant and can cure other medical disorders.
  • It also controls nausea and prevents loss of appetite.
  • It has a high THC content that will take you high above.
  • The crop flourishes well indoors and outdoors.
  • The cannabis weed comes with a short flowering time and produces a high yield.
  • The strain is cost-effective, and you can easily grow it in your home. 
  • The strength of the strain is THC 20% and CBD 5%.
  • The beginners should not try to consume the strain.

The origin of Girl Scout Cookies strain

The origin of strain is shrouded by mystery. It is said to be developed in the USA by combining two strains OG Kush and Durban Poison, but other people suggest that the strain has F1 content also. It is one of the popular choices in the cannabis community. Many different kinds of strains have been developed, which you can easily find at the United Strains of America. The plant has a high content of Indica. So, you can expect drowsy, sensational effects.

Growth of the plant

The plant grows 30 inches and is suitable for indoors and outdoors with appropriate gardening techniques. It depends whether you want to select orange or purple pistils colors. When the plant is grown, a distinctive smell spreads around.

How to grow the strain?

Growing the strain is easy for beginners. The strain blooms with the Sea of Green method set-up. With this set-up, you can expect a staggering yield. However, you need to understand when pruning is needed. The best part of growing the plant is that it does not easily fall prey to insects, fungi and other bacteria. Before planting the seed, it is necessary to do a lot of research.

Within ten weeks, the flowering stage appears. The yield is high, though a little training is important to maximize the crop output. The plant grows well in a mild and arid area. They can handle temperature fluctuations better in comparison to other plants. However, it will not grow in the cold and damp region.

What is the impact of Girl Cookies strain?

The sweet taste of the week doesn’t overpower its strain. Its euphoric effects are well-known, and it boosts mental strength and channelizes creativity level. A long smoke can indulge happiness within you.

If you also wish to grow this strain in your home, consider buying seeds from a strain with a 100% germination guarantee- The United Strains of America.

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