There are many types of supplements available in the market today, but one particular supplement that gains so much popularity today is Tesamorelin. If you plan to buy Tesamorelin online, this article is for you. We will discuss what Tesamorelin is all about and why you should consider buying one.

What is Tesamorelin?

Tesamorelin is a minute molecule responsible for stimulating the brain to produce growth hormones. It plays an important role in reducing the amount of belly fat, especially in people who have HIV. What makes it unique is that it does not affect the layers of fats under the skin in some areas, such as the face. However, there are some things to consider before using Tesamorelin.

For the most part, you will be asked by your doctor to have a CT scan of your abdomen to assess the presence of belly fat. How is Tesamorelin introduced to the body? It is introduced via injection underneath the skin once a day. However, before you start to understand how Tesamorelin works, it is a must to know the basic anatomy of belly fat.

Body fat is referred to as visceral fat. As the person grows older, the level of visceral fat in the body increases, causing a significant decline in growth hormone production. As a result, those people with HIV have a significantly lower growth hormone than healthy people. A decreased growth hormone in the body greatly affects body composition, such as the loss of lean tissues or muscles and accumulation of belly fat.

What are the benefits of taking Tesamorelin?

  • It is beneficial to people with growth hormone deficiency as well as those who have HIV. Such conditions alter the normal functions of the pituitary gland, causing growth hormone deficiency. Tesamorelin significantly improves the level of growth hormone, thus, the very reason why it is used as an adjunct therapy for people who have HIV.
  • It benefits people with cardiac diseases. People receiving antiretroviral drugs are at increased risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. Good thing such a risk can be prevented by administering Tesamorelin. It significantly reduces triglyceride, lipodystrophy, total cholesterol, and non-HDL-C. What the peptide does is helps decrease inflammatory response by controlling the buildup of adipose tissues.
  • Tesamorelin can benefit people with peripheral nerve damage. What Tesamorelin does is improves peripheral nerve injury and hasten the speed of healing.  
  • Tesamorelin has a promising effect on people suffering from dementia. A regular introduction of Tesamorelin can significantly improve cognitive ability in patients with dementia, especially those in the early stage.

Tesamorelin is one of the must-try supplements for people suffering from HIV and those with dementia, peripheral nerve damage, cardiac-related diseases, and growth hormone deficiency. A quick search online will give you tons of options for Tesamorelin supplements. However, you should be wary as not all of them are genuine and authentic. Therefore, you have to do thorough research before making your choice so you can come up with the best option.

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