Are you looking forward to getting as strong and big as stars like Chris Hemsworth, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, John Cena, Hugh Jackman, or Tom Holland? If yes, you must be dying to know what exactly they do in order to maintain a fit body. Since you are not lucky enough to call up these stars to seek their fitness and health advice, you need not worry as we have done that for you. 

Hot UK deals is a place where you will get all your answers on celeb workouts and how a celebrity puts in all the effort to maintain a healthy body and mind. You may think that your favorite celebrities are paid to visit the gym every day, this is not the fact. They have to juggle several works just as everyone else does. Whether its shooting for shows or movies, publicity, caring for family, and other obligations, they must do it all and still hit the gym. 

Let’s check out the workout routine and advice shared by a few top celebs.


The first advice she would like to share with you is that the way you see her in the movies is not the way she looks normally. The diet and exercise required for a definite project is not a sustainable one that is followed throughout the year. That is generally designed for a short-term goal for a specific time period. Kate is a person who never settles for a single exercise routine but she whips herself hard to stay in shape. She loves doing pilates and she believes that there is nothing that makes her feel more alive than pilates. 


No matter how religiously you follow this celebrity, also known as The Rock, we bet you will not be able to keep up with his workout routine. Dwayne Johnson’s workout routine comprise banging and clanging, as he hits the gym 6 times in a week. Each day he makes it a point to focus on various parts of his body. This makes it a point that you don’t need to lift the same weight every day. With all weight training, the secret is about lifting more everyday so that you can feel comfortable in adding weight and being comfortable. 


Before Chris Pratt became a superhero, he was famous for being slightly round about the middle in Parks and Recreation, where he played Andy. However, when he got his offer for Star-Lord, Chris instantly had a vision of what he wanted himself to look like. Soon after, he started putting in all the effort required to reach his goal.

He began with his warmup routine of calisthenics and running. He also worked out his biceps, back, and abs. He also focused on his abs so that he could get the six-pack look. Later, he wrapped up his workout regime with a cardio routine. 


We are all aware that Jennifer Aniston’s legs are to die for! According to a recent interview, she said that all you need to maintain shapely legs is a chair, your time, and willingness to work out. Place the chair on your right side and hold on to the back of the chair. Take a big step backward with the left leg and bend it in a 90-degree angle. Lift the knee towards your chest and do the same thing with the other leg. This flexes your glutes and gives you nicely shaped legs. 

So, you can well understand the efforts that are put in by your favorite celebrities in order to maintain the perfect physique. Try to incorporate your favorite workouts to your daily routine to gain good health. 

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