There are recent studies that show CBD is beneficial for dogs. Dog owners are now leaning towards giving CBD products to their dogs. There are several CBD products for Dogs available in the market today.

Oil tinctures

CBD oil tinctures are THC-free since they came from hemp. These CBD products are safe for daily use. They offer everyday wellness support formulated for your pet. CBD oil tinctures are available in various strengths depending on the weight of your dog. They also come in several flavors. The ingredients for these tinctures include hemp extract, MCT oil, and natural flavoring. Benefits of CBD oil tinctures include supporting the sense of calm. They also manage signs of common daily stress and complement daily wellness routines.

Calming tinctures

It is common for dogs to have a bad day. Most of them fear storms or get shocked by loud noises. Some are over-excitable or do not want to be alone. CBD calming tinctures will help them stay calm. Its soothing ingredients include passionflower, lemon balm, chamomile, melatonin, and valerian root. Although these tinctures have CBD, extra cannabinoids, and terpenes, they are THC-free. These are available in delicious flavors dogs will love. Like most CBD products, these are available in various strengths based on the weight of your dog.

Hard chews

Manufacturers combine wholesome ingredients with a special formula to create CBD hard chews. These come in various sizes, shapes, and flavors. Depending on the weight of your dog, these chews are available in three strengths. Hard chews deliver a serving of CBD in a very convenient way your dog will love. There are many ingredients for hard chews aside from hemp extract and natural flavor. These include flour, oats, honey, eggs, vegetable oil, and cultured rice flour. Giving your dog CBD hard chews daily for 30 days will give the best results.


Dogs often get dry paw pads when they play hard. It is best to keep them soft, supple, and hydrated for better grip and protection. Using CBD balm for dogs gets rid of rough, chapped, and dry paw pads. Its ingredients can soothe, nourish, and protect the paws, elbows, and noses. You can also apply it to other spots that need extra comfort and care. CBD balm has hemp extract, beeswax, olive oil, shea butter, and MCT oil.

CBD products are also available in bundles. The content of each bundle varies. Make sure to check what each bundle has before you decide to buy. It would not be practical to buy a bundle with an item you do not plan to use.

It is best to use these products on a regular basis for the best results. Read the instructions before you give any of these to your dog.

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